The use of Las Vegas landscape maintenance contracts – what you need to know

Your office space is ready for landscaping and you are all but set to hire a Landscape company. It’s an excellent idea. Las Vegas is a dry place, but that doesn’t mean your office space has to be dry as well. But you have to read the contract before you sign any contract. One you read, you are bound to have questions. What are those questions? Here are a few:

  1. What happens if there are issues after signing the contract

When you signed your contract, you were not counting on any issues, but they can crop up at any time. Your contract should reflect that. The contract should include a specific course of action if any disputes arise between you and the landscaping company. Every company has different policies, so you should be well aware of that. There should also be a clause that states how or when a contract can be terminated and should state exact conditions. For example, scenarios where they do not provide all the services that were promised to you. You should stick to your part of the contract as well.

  1. Scope of making changes to the contract later

A contract doesn’t have to be set in stone if both you and the landscaping company decide it needs changes. Maybe you decide you want to add a service that was not originally included in the contract or you want to change out the plants or materials. To make the change, both you and the company will need to agree to it and sign the alteration on the contract. If there are major changes, the original contract may be deemed void and a new one may be drawn.

  1. Services that are part of the contract

This question will not only tell you what services will be provided, but it will also help you see if the company is the right fit for your commercial property. You need to make sure they can meet all of your landscape maintenance needs. Go into the detail of all the services listed in the contract. Do not take a company’s word for it. They may say they provide all the services, but inspect if that’s true. Check what services are in-house and what are subbed out.

  1. Experience of the company

It’s not about how long they have been in the business of landscaping, but how much experience they have in your particular type of property and requirements. Check if they have maintained a property similar to yours. Also ask them if you can check any properties similar to yours they are maintaining right now.

  1. Safety

This goes beyond insurance. Even if the company has all of the right insurance coverage, you still don’t want them to have accidents on your site. Check with the company about their safety record. Instead of just asking them if they are safe, ask specific questions. For example, ask them if their workers wear all the required safety equipment, how is their injury history, and if they perform safety checks regularly.

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